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In conjunction with Classic Car Weekly, we are on the lookout for someone to be esteemed with the Club Hero award. And it's up to you to decide who!

Nominations closed on Thursday 3rd March 2022.

Congratulations to Stuart Curtis of Classic Corvette Club UK who was crowned the winner by you!

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Chris Wickers - Volvo Owners' Club

Chris has been an active member of the Volvo Owners’ Club since the late 1980s, with this increasing dramatically during the challenging period of the last two years as he supporting club members through lockdowns and beyond, as society gradually opened up again.

The VOC’s ‘Driver’ magazine has always been the main point of contact with members, and became even more important during the pandemic when many members felt isolated. The emphasis in the magazine changed from actual events, to a new ‘Virtual Rolling’ section covering virtual car shows, photographic competitions, reviews of products and a chance to win them, and with presentations on tyres and photography.

A new wall planner was supplied to all members along with a dedicated eight-page magazine supplement for the Classic Motor Show to mark an exciting return to in-person events. The competitions and photographic event were so well received they have been continued into 2022.

As soon as restrictions were lifted, Chris was again immediately involved with the ‘in person events’, and has made the arrangements for the Club to participate in the Silverstone Classic for the very first time.

As as a keen amateur photographer, Chris takes the majority of the photos featured in the publication – whilst encouraging members to submit their own as well!

With the 60th Anniversary of the Club in 2022, and following ideas and suggestions from colleagues and members, Chris sourced a collection of postcards, pins, pens, paperweights, and a stunning 60th Anniversary watch.

In conjunction with Day Marketing, Chris has ensured that for the first time that Volvo Owners Club has an online presence on Facebook, which has seen a massive increase in engagement with the Club.

Always a team player, between Chris and the other directors of the Volvo Owners Club, all these activities have resulted in a substantial increase in the number of Club members, at a time when numbers had been expected to dwindle. 

He is incredibly dedicated to the club and its members, making a huge time commitment with an incredible number of hours each week.  This is even more inspiring given that, like many members, he has suffered personal setbacks due to Covid-19 but continues to work for the club on a voluntary unpaid basis because he wants to make a difference.

David Hemmings - Porsche Club GB 928 Register

David is a huge advocate for this model of classic car, has been responsible for discovering, collecting, archiving and authoring on this marque.

He has brought together many different car owners and is always contactable for any car related issues, and has been doing so for many years. Truly one of the unsung heroes of UK classic car scene and hugely appreciated by all Porsche members and fans alike.

Leah Guildard Watts - Jensen Owners Club

Leah is the Editor of the club Magazine. She has continuously provided members with up to date information on industry news relating to the Jensen marque. She experienced an emotional life changing experience last year and is now due to go on maternity leave, however, she has continued to support the club as Editor throughout this time. 

Leah is creative and forward thinking, the magazine has changed in so many ways for the better and that’s due to the passion she has for the marque.

She uses her social media account to raise the awareness of the marque and gives us insight into life as a professional within the industry.  

She also doesn’t shy away from the fact that she didn’t start her career in automotive or is not technical, but she makes the most of her experience working as the Op’s Director in a Jensen specialist keeping these wonderful cars alive.

Nick Haddon - Heinkel Trojan Club Ltd

Nick goes above and beyond for the club. He is a director and has been for may years.  He is in charge of the New spares both sourcing new manufacturers to make parts, purchasing spares to go in the stores. He catalogues everything and stock takes. He stores all the spares and packs and sends out orders . He did this for many years on his own but  does now get a bit of help. He does all this as a volunteer and gets no perks.

He still works and has to fit in time with his family. He is also available for club members to contact for technical advice.

He organises our AGM each year, sorts out club insurance and is the one who organises our club stand at all the NEC classic and restoration shows.

Our club wouldn't exist without him and he deserves some recognition for his hard work and sacrifices of his personal family time. Hundreds of members wouldn't have their cars on the road if it wasn't for Nicks hard work in the club. He also works internationally with our none UK members and the German Heinkel club. He deserves recognition and a blooming medal.

Simon Crosby -

Over the last 10 years Simon has assisted over 30 members providing parts to assist in their restorations, always on had to offer advice and go out of his way to deliver parts around the country.

Simon has invested a lot of his own time tracking down and chasing original parts manufacturers and negotiating remanufacturing of parts which cannot be easily replicated..

Three years ago after years of searching. Simon managed to find the originals manufacturer of the front and rear bumpers who still had the original injection moulds and arranged for a group of us to purchase them to save for future use.

The car is relatively modern being only just over 20 years old, but in 2015 Simon decided to buy a very poor example with the intention of restoring it, however at this point a number of panels weren’t available, so resourceful as ever Simon worked with other club members to get the required panel’s remanufactured and 0376 was the first Racing Puma to have “major surgery” with new inner and outer sills, rear quarter panels and even a boot floor plus numerous other repairs setting the benchmark and showing members that we can bring these cars back to their former glory.

Simon also manages club membership including production of membership packs which share all the information the club holds on the cars. 

Over the last 10 years, Simon has tirelessly promoted the car through the press, working with journalists to publish multiple articles relating to the car and correcting the incorrect information regarding the car on the internet! Following his restoration work he has written buyers guides for motoring magazines to try and help new owners avoid costly purchase issues!

 This year Simon and his son Benjamin were featured in Retro Modern Classics with both their cars in all their glory. Simon has also helped Ben, the youngest active member of the club at only 18 years old, find love in the car securing the next generation for the club and ongoing promotion of the car.

Our activities at the Practical Classics Restoration show are a really good example of why Simon is so important to the club. This year Dave Taylor is building an S1600 rally puma from a standard shell. Simon has always been on hand to advise and has sourced the original spoiler moulds for the car! Simon helped locate the two donor cars for Dave and at the show we plan to fit the new rear arches and front panels to the car. The rear wings for the car were from and old rally car and were in very poor shape, but due to the cost and rarity of these panels, Simon collected them and has carefully restored them to as close to as new as possible so they are ready to fit at the show. As a group we joke that these are the most expensive part of the car especially after the 65 hours Simon has spent repairing them!


Steve Conry - Avengers Sunbeam Owners Club

Steve has been nominated and shortlisted many times before but never won.

A true hero in this day and age of Facebook Groups and free access to information keeping the ASOC growing through his dedication to the cars.

Stuart Curtis - Classic Corvette Club UK

Stuart has taken over as NWRep and instituted a series of regular car run outs, cars & coffee meets as well as a NW Nationals meet to complement the main Nationals event held in the south of England.

In addition, he has secured club pitches at the major car shows in the NW.  Also through his helpfulness and friendliness at aforesaid shows recruited 40 new members into the club in past year. He keeps us abreast of events through regular emails and helps direct various technical queries to knowledgeable sources.

Always there to greet members at the various events making new members feel welcome and introducing them to other members present. and makes a point of remembering members cars and their history.

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