The Workshop sponsored by Skill Shack

Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, with Discovery, is a proud partner with the specialised team at Gilbert-Michaelson - hosts of the 'Workshop', lead by Co-founder Michael Coman & sponsored by Skill Shack. The experts from Gilbert-Michaelson return to man our Workshop, sponsored by Skill Shack, where you can enjoy the demonstrations and expert advice throughout the weekend.

Co-founder Mike Coman and the team offers a daily schedule of fascinating demonstrations, focusing on developing your practical bodywork skills to help you improve your techniques and show you new ways of working.  Dedicated insights are given on tasks such as lead loading, wheeling and panel work that will help you complete all your restoration tasks when you get back to your home garage. 

Mike and the team also hold demonstrations covering popular topics, aimed at both novices and advanced restorers, where they gave in-depth advice and offer a dedicated Q&A opportunity at the end of each demo.

Visitors are free to ask advice on specific jobs, restoration tasks and any other motoring mechanical advice needed. 

Gilbert-Michaelson was established in 2015 by Steve Gilbertson and Michael Coman drawing upon their combined 40+ years’ experience of restoring classic cars and teaching people the skills required to restore classic cars at the country’s leading college for restoration skills. Gilbert-Michaelson is a specialist, skilled classic car body shop and restoration specialist and is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, close to many major transport links, so is easily accessible from all over the country and Europe.

Offering a high quality, personalised service to all of their clients, both new and returning, their skills range from body shop work and paint refurbishing to mechanical expertise.

Learn more about Gilbert Michaelson Automotive Restorations and head to their site here.


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