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Welcome to the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show. We are so excited that you will be exhibiting with us in March, we can't wait to see you at the show. 

What is the EZone?

The Exhibitor Zone is a place for you to promote yourself online to potential customers. It gives you the opportunity to highlight your products/services and entice people in. You can upload your profile, images, news, videos and so much more. Think of it like your online shop/profile. 

This is also the place to communicate with us, the show. Whether you want show specific banners, flyers, tickets for competition, or are lost and need a helping hand with the e-zone. There is no cost to this, it’s a part of your exhibitor package.

Your online profile has no character limit and will be shown across our website.

What's included?

  • Exhibitor profile with logo, filterable tags, social & website links 

  • Company description 

  • Option to upload product and photos

  • Option to upload news stories and press releases

  • Option to upload videos

Summary of each section

  • Home 
    Gives you a summary of what the E-Zone is and how it can help you.  

  • My Profiles 
    This is where you upload all your business information; from name, profile, images to your social media handles. (N.B your cover image is used as your header on your profile) - remember to save as you go!

  • Task List 
    This section will tell you what you have completed and what you can still do, giving you a visual checklist.  

  • Promotional Banners & Show Logo 
    This is where you can access all of our assets which you download and use on your emails and website etc.  

  • Promotional Flyers & Posters 
    This is where you can download our flyers and posters to be used to promote the show and your feature there.  

  • Social Media Engagement & Promotion 
    Here is where you can find all of our social channels with insight how you can make full use of our social channels.   

  • Product Launches & Offers 
    Find out how we can promote you via our newsletter. Submit videos, news stories or product launches and they could get featured as part of our communications. 

  • Competitions 
    Find out more about how we can help you with giveaways and competitions, from us providing you with tickets for your own channels to us sharing your giveaways.  

  • PR Opportunities 
    Contact information and details for our PR teams. Both Andrea and Stature PR can help with get your name out into the press.  

  • Upload Product Information 
    Got specific products you want to mention? Enter them here 

  • Upload News Stories 
    This is where you can upload news stories  

  • Upload a Video 
    This is where you can upload your videos  

  • Complete the Marketing Pack 
    Send requests or ask for tickets through our marketing pack . If you have already completed this but want more info, contact the show marketing team at

  • Scam Warning 
    We have had a number of companies pretending to be us, so this is just a heads up. Don’t respond or give money to anyone unless it’s a known source.  

Example of a profile

Your view - how you edit in the EZone

When you log into the exhibitor zone, this is an example of what you will in the 'My Profile' section. We recommend you fill out the below sections.

  • Logo - Upload the logo that represents you
  • Cover Image - Use this to show off a nice image that summarises your business / club. This isn't compulsory but does make your page look nice.
  • Online Profile - Add here a brief description of what you do, what you're about and what you can offer to potential visitors. 

Remember to 'submit' using the button at the bottom of the screen when you have made all of your changes to your page.


EZone - back end

Visitor view - how it looks in the Exhibitor Directory

EZone - front end

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