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Tongland - Two-Post Parking Lift

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  • Tongland - Two-Post Parking Lift
  • Tongland - Two-Post Parking Lift
  • Tongland - Two-Post Parking Lift
Tongland - Two-Post Parking Lift Tongland - Two-Post Parking Lift Tongland - Two-Post Parking Lift

The TONGLAND 2 Post Car Parking Lift, is our top quality European built solid platform 2 post car parking lift, which doubles the parking spaces available with excellent and effective space management potential.

This European manufactured unit is powered by a screw drive system via a direct drive electric motor, providing a number of genuine advantages over similar hydraulic driven car parking lifts:

  • Smoother effortless operation
  • Exclusively able to stop at any exact height at any point, right up to its maximum height
  • Lower instantly from the locked position
  • Provides maximum use of all available height to park your cars. Unlike hydraulic-driven lifts that have manual locking systems requiring the lift platform to be raised and lowered onto the locking system, thus losing some of the available height, the lifting mechanism on the Tongland car parking lift is able to use all of the height available
  • Slimmer lift design
  • Lower maintenance
  • Competitively costed
  • Owners are delighted with this genuinely intelligent high tech design
  • Less working parts deliver proven reliability. It already has an established and proven track record within the European auto trade sector
  • Increased reliability over its extended working life
  • No oil leaks from the lift
  • The slimline design means a smaller lift footprint overall, thus delivering more useable space for you and your cars

The platform raises up to a maximum height of 1848mm and can be stopped at any point up to this to ensure millimetre perfection.  The lift has a lifting capacity of 2000 kg as standard with an upgrade option to 2500kg.

The lift platform is incredibly low at 100 mm, allowing low clearance cars to access the platform. It has a galvanized finish and being a solid platform, it prevents any drips from falling onto your car parked underneath the platform.

The slimline design of the Tongland 2 Post Car Parking  lift allows for the multiple row layout.

This layout really maximises your building footprint and doubles your parking capacity instantly.

The locating of the post and short supporting floor mounting bracket leaves a lot of clear space below the lifting platform when raised, offering plenty of turning space underneath, and the wide lifting deck permits a very wide angle of approach.

The Tongland 2 Post Car Parking lift comes with the following features:

  • Rubber door guard protection on the posts
  • Protection covers for the post columns
  • Thermal protection for the electric motors
  • The up-ramp hinges down when raised providing vehicle front wheel stops
  • Fixed wheel stops at the rear of the platform
  • Low platform thickness is ideal for low clearance cars
  • Wide turning angle access for the car under the platform
  • Slim design posts and feet pads
  • 3phase or 1phase power supply options are available
  • Key switch lock on panel
  • Standard Tongland lift available with a lifting capacity of 2000kg
  • Bespoke lift dimensions available upon request
  • Security lock options available upon request

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