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Conwy - Floor To Floor Scissor Platform Lift

Strongman Tools Stand: 5-010
  • Conwy - Floor To Floor Scissor Platform Lift
  • Conwy - Floor To Floor Scissor Platform Lift
  • Conwy - Floor To Floor Scissor Platform Lift
Conwy - Floor To Floor Scissor Platform Lift Conwy - Floor To Floor Scissor Platform Lift Conwy - Floor To Floor Scissor Platform Lift

The CONWY Scissor Floor to Floor Car Lift is a cornerstone in our range of car lifts. The Conwy’s versatility is almost unparalleled, popping up in a wide range of locations and applications, including being a mainstay design for Underground Car parking and basement lift sector.

The Conwy Scissor Platform Lift is designed to raise cars over a single floor, most often the lift mechanism itself sits below ground level in a pit, usually around 600mm to 800mm deep.  The scissor design provides proven reliability, simple operation as well as durability, stability with a smooth quiet lifting operation. The lifting capacity is most commonly around 3 tons though all lifts are custom built, so high capacities can be specified.

These lifts are adaptable and a popular choice, chosen equally for access upwards to mezzanine decks, and the upper floors of a building, as well lowering cars downward whilst being used as a basement lift, or pit parking lift.

When used as a Floor to Floor Lift it can make an ideal centrepiece, particularly where it will be seen by the public and business associates, where it becomes an inspiring confident statement of the businesses success. The Conwy makes an undeniable statement in car showrooms, car storage businesses and general storage areas where appearances matter. There are a number of options that can further enhance the visual impact of the lift, such as lighting, scissor skirts, infrared sensors and wireless controls etc. Please give us a call and one of our team will discuss your requirements at length.

Alternatively, the Conwy is equally comfortable serving as a workhorse as a mainstream floor to floor, mezzanine lift.

With the popularity of this lift, we have developed over the years a number of excellent factories both in Europe and the Far East to manufacture meticulously the Conwy for us. This widest range of production choices available, permits us to offer a huge range of finishes and levels of sophistication, whilst permitting our customers to make intelligent and informed choices between the different qualities and price points.

As with all our lifts, we offer exclusively the full solution in house, from design, supply, to delivery and installation with our own installation team. We are able to offer bespoke lift packages to your requirements.

At Strongman Lifts we continually strive to improve the design and features of our lifts. Having been in business successfully since 2007, the images on our website reflect that length of time. If there is some particular feature or dimension that  is particularly important to you and your purchase, you should check with the office before making any purchase.

To guard customer confidentiality, some of the images may have been supplied by our manufacturing facilities, of installations that have been carried out abroad. Thank you.


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