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Bewdley Four-Post Triple Stacker Parking Lifts

Strongman Tools Stand: 5-010
  • Bewdley Four-Post Triple Stacker Parking Lifts
  • Bewdley Four-Post Triple Stacker Parking Lifts
  • Bewdley Four-Post Triple Stacker Parking Lifts
Bewdley Four-Post Triple Stacker Parking Lifts Bewdley Four-Post Triple Stacker Parking Lifts Bewdley Four-Post Triple Stacker Parking Lifts

The BEWDLEY is a Triple Car Stacker, aka Triple Parking Car Lift, and gives those storage businesses a very competitive edge delivering as it does a critical advantage, by converting a single parking space into three spaces, which will delight all the company accountants and businessmen contemplating adding the Bewdley to their facility!

This triple auto stacker lift as the name implies allows 3 cars to be parked over the same parking footprint of a single car. Ideal for commercial environments and storage businesses that need to capitalise on their space and maximise the storage potential. In the main, because of height constraints, these triple stackers are generally installed in commercial premises, though in fact if residential premises have sufficient internal height, then there’s no reason why they can’t take advantage of these triple parker space optimising lifts.

The lift design is derived from a tall 4 post lift that sits inside a standard 4 post lift, which can both work independently. There are some additional sophisticated features that improve the overall performance of the lifts.

Shared Double Side Post Design: having double sided posts allows you to daisy chain these lifts and really maximises your floor overall footprint. It also makes it a more elegant installation as this system gives you a clean straight finish to the row.

Independent Platforms: each parking platform works independently so if you want to, you can just take up the top car rather than having to take up the bottom platform at the same time. Individual control panels for each platform make it clear what you are operating and touch button controls mean the lift will stop immediately as soon as you remove your finger.

When the lift is raised to your desired height, simply press and hold the lock button, this will lower the platform onto the nearest lock position and engage the solenoids. When the lift comes to a rest, you can remove you finger from the lock button. Your lift and vehicle are now safely parked.

Extra Long Approach Ramps: double length up ramps for the top level allow lower profile cars to access the platform without bottoming out. The platform up ramps are hinged (see photos) allowing them to be folded back, this reduces the length of the ramps when raised. Simple lift on lift off up ramps can also be specified at the order point.

Available in custom colours, contact us for more information.


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