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Bannockburn - Mezzanine Floor to Floor Lift

Strongman Tools Stand: 5-010
  • Bannockburn - Mezzanine Floor to Floor Lift
  • Bannockburn - Mezzanine Floor to Floor Lift
  • Bannockburn - Mezzanine Floor to Floor Lift
Bannockburn - Mezzanine Floor to Floor Lift Bannockburn - Mezzanine Floor to Floor Lift Bannockburn - Mezzanine Floor to Floor Lift

The Bannockburn Mezzanine Car Lift is an ideal small to mid-range floor to floor lift, which also doubles up as a Tall Parking Lift which is ideal for storing of Motorhomes, high top commercial vehicles as it will double the available parking spaces, height permitting.

We stock the Bannockburn in its standard form, which is the 3.0m lifting height version, though a list of other lifting heights available are from; 2.8om through to 3.80m.These different heights represent a good range of popular mezzanine platform heights, though we are able to ask the factory to produce bespoke dims to the customer’s requirements.

Further optional dimensions are available such as increased loading and different platform dimensions, which are ‘on requst’ .

We have installed many of these into barns, modern agricultural, older style industrial units, many of these being too low to accommodate full-sized mezzanine lifts such as our Lothian design.

As a parking lift, its height permits, all but the very tallest of vehicles to sit comfortably underneath. These have found favour with our clients that are in the Motorhomes and Commercial Vehicle business, here these stackers double your parking spaces. The tried and tested design delivers stable and easy to use performance, year in, year out.

The platform runways can have infill panels added, either plastic oil drip trays or load-bearing metal ones, these combined with additional optional side panels, give a super wide deck.

The powerful and reliable motor whilst able to lift 4.0 tons to a height of 3 metres, is still able to work off a domestic 240v electrical supply. We’d advise to get your electrician to pre-check your wiring and put in a motor rated circuit breaker and you’re set and ready to go!

The Bannockburn 3.0m lift model is a stock item for us,  so most of the time we can get you up and running at pretty short notice. Give us a call and we can send you over a quote for either the lift ex-works, delivered, or as most customers choose, delivered and installed. If you like the quote and want to proceed, against a very small deposit, in most cases we will visit your site and measure up. We might struggle with more out of the ways places but give us a call and we can chat about it.  We are also able to make up technical CAD drawings at a very reasonable cost.


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