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Quest Drive Unleashes a New Era of Driving Adventures!

Venture Bound (VBMMC) Stand: 4-819
Quest Drive Unleashes a New Era of Driving Adventures!

Elise Whyte, a trailblazing motorsport enthusiast, proudly introduces the world to Quest Drive, a revolutionary app that transcends traditional norms of motorsport. Born out of Elise's passion for motorsport and the desire to bring the thrill of competition to everyday drivers, Quest Drive marks a ground breaking milestone, breaking down gender barriers in the process.


"Quest Drive was initially dreamt up during lockdown as I missed competing in motorsport in my Standard 10 'Stanley”, shared Elise Whyte. "I wanted to create an experience that captures the essence of competition and exploration while making it accessible to everyone. With Quest Drive, we've turned that dream into a reality."


Quest Drive: Where Every Road Becomes an Adventure!

Today, Quest Drive takes the spotlight as a ground breaking app that transforms every drive into an exhilarating adventure, allowing users to compete with others, all from the comfort of their own vehicles and using the ease of GPS navigation. Offering over 20 captivating routes spanning the country and an ever-growing selection of adventures, Quest Drive provides a novel way to experience the world around you.


Key Features:

Unlimited Adventure, Right at Your Fingertips: Quest Drive offers access to 20 unique routes, winding through picturesque landscapes, With the promise of more routes coming soon, users will never run out of places to explore.


Compete Anytime, Anywhere: What sets Quest Drive apart is its competitive edge. With just a tap, users can join thrilling competitions against other adventurers. Challenge friends, family, or fellow explorers and see who can conquer the road with the most style and precision.


Sustainability Initiatives: Sustainability is prioritised as a core value. Using an app to navigate, Quest Drive is at the forefront of sustainability, by reducing waste, contributing to a more sustainable future.


Breaking Down Gender Barriers: Quest Drive proudly champions gender inclusivity in motorsport. As a young female in a male dominated world, Elise Whyte has a commitment to breaking down traditional barriers. The app encourages and celebrates female participation and opens motorsport to younger generations, offering a platform where everyone, regardless of gender or age, can share the thrill of the open road and friendly competition.

Availability: Quest Drive is now available for download on [App Store/Google Play].


About Elise Whyte: Elise Whyte is a motorsport enthusiast and the visionary creator behind Quest Drive. Her dedication to combining the joy of driving with the excitement of friendly competition, coupled with a commitment to gender inclusivity, has led to the development of this revolutionary app.


About Quest Drive: Quest Drive is a cutting-edge app that transforms ordinary drives into extraordinary adventures. Founded by Elise Whyte, the app brings the spirit of competition and exploration to everyday drivers, motorsport enthusiasts, and friends and family alike.


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