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20 Feb 2022

Beckford's Rum - New Launch

Beckford's Rum Stand: 4-731
Beckford's Rum - New Launch
New Henry

The Beckford’s range of Rums is so-called to both remember the fabulous wealth the Caribbean plantations generated for the last of the Beckford dynasty to own them, William, and to celebrate how the Beckford name became synonymous with the light that came out of that dark period of history. William Beckford inherited the family fortune at aged 12 and was an absentee landlord. Through a combination of lavish tastes for fine objects and scandals he managed to lose what was then the largest fortune possessed by a commoner in England.

Our premium Golden Rum is named after Henry Beckford, a freed slave who is depicted as the only black man in a painting by Haydon now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery of the world’s first anti-slavery congress, in London in 1840. This painting represents a seminal moment in the emancipation of slaves, but also when a black man named Beckford became accepted in polite society, something William never was. A likeness of Henry is featured on all our bottles in a style as captioned in that painting, “in equality and intelligence”. 

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