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24 Feb 2022

Bespoke Classic car radio conversion

Car Electronics Derby Ltd Stand: CT-75
Bespoke Classic car radio conversion
Motorola classic 5 button radio modernisation
Can we build a Classic car radio?

There are well established solutions that have been around for a while, which are cost effective, but if price wasn't an issue, could something be built without compromise? Could it be in a 50-60 year old radio chassis? Could it all be controlled and displayed through the original set? Could we run a modern DSP multichannel amplifer to make it sound better than a modern premium vehicle, but with everything hidden.


After 12 years of R&D, we can now offer a no compromise solution for your premium classic vehicle. This will alow DAB and FM from your original electric wing antenna, and display radio and song information. This features a top of the range bluetooth chipset, for control and display of your contacts, missed calls, and music information, all controlled by the original buttons, with the same original tactile feel of the original radio.  We can do this modernisation with almost any radio of your choice (this is a permanent modification).  We have successfully carried out this conversion on Radiomobile & Motorola 3 or 5 button radios, with a period correct screen saver showing the original AM/LW display of the original radio by pressing and holding the right control knob.  This can either be supplied with an internal 2 channel amplifier, or with a modern off board amplifer with 2-13 channels of audio playback, which are compact enough to be hidden elsewhere in the vehicle


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