Jaw Dropping Jowetts

Jaw Dropping Jowetts image

The Jowett Car Club returns to the NEC with multiple awards for the magnificent live working on its stand – and it looks like it's members still have more room in the trophy cabinet as not only are they bringing 'BT 1595' 1913 Tiller steered Jowett, a multiple Concours winner and the world's oldest Jowett’, but also a wealth of projects to get stuck into at the show.

The club is bringing its own version of an Airfix kit or ‘Jowettfix’ as they like to call it. The 1950 Jowett Javelin bodyshell, freshly painted and restored, will be refitted/rebuilt with it's component parts whilst at the show with the bodyshell displayed on axle stands with all component parts laid out in corresponding front back order in a grid form alongside (just like a scale Airfix kit) - the team will then rebuild the car throughout the show

There will also be a Jowett Bradford engine rebuilt to full working order. A complete engine in hundreds of component parts will arrive at the show and be rebuilt throughout - not just as a static exhibit either – as intend to test their rebuilding skills by physically starting the engine for a test period once the rebuild is complete at 1500 hours on the Sunday of the show

Plus, there is the retrimming of a Jowett Javelin front bench seat, all in leather which will be fully rebuilt / reupholstered at the show to professional standards.

Definitely a club stand not to be missed by restoration fans – and the one for all other clubs to beat when it comes to live working!

See the Jowett Owners Club in Hall 11