Practical Classics Classic World, with Discovery

A Whole New World

Bringing together four key ingredients of owning a classic vehicle, from driving it to restoring it, Classic World will take you on the full journey through: 
  • Work in Progress
  • Staff Car Sagas
  • Barn Finds Revisited
  • Classic World Stage
*All still to be confirmed for 2021
Live Stage

Classic World Live Stage

The stage will see a host of the UK's best restorers and master mechanics in interview discussing hot topics including restoration vs preservation, MOT Exemptions and electricification.

Our guests include Ant Anstead from Wheeler Dealers, Car SOS’ Fuzz Townshend, Jimmy De Ville from Goblin Works Garage and Fifth Gear, Marc 'Elvis' Priestley from new series Wheeler Dealers: Dream Cars, Salvage Hunters' Drew Pritchard and Paul Cowland plus Practical Classics team including Editor Danny Hopkings and Mike Coman from Gilbert-Michaelson.

Work in Progress

This area is where you can see the ongoing works by the Practial Classics team including Danny Hopkins’s Pathfinder and Matt Geroge’s supercharged Minor.

The team will be continuing to work on the cars during the show so you can join them reviewing the work already completed and what is needed to get them over the finish line!

Barn Finds Revisited

Here you will discover beautifully restored vehicles that have been previous stars in the Carole Nash Barn Finds display.

Find out about their journey back from the rusty wrecks they were to the pristine specimens they are now!

PC Staff Car Sagas

The Practical Classics team will be sharing their car sagas with visitors at the show. Come and see the finished articles the team have working on and sharing in the magazine.

These will include James Walshe’s newly completed Citroen CX Turbo, Matt George’s (loud) TR6 and (we hope) editor Danny’s Interceptor.


Practical Classics Classic World has a packed timetable of content for you to enjoy!

From interviews and discussions on the Live Stage, to practical sessions with mechanics and restorers on Work in Progress, Barn Finds Revisited and PC Staff Car Sagas there is always something exciting to see.

Download the full timetable


Classic World Timetable

Ant Anstead

Ant is a man of many talents. He is best known for his day job as a car builder, but he is also a designer, artist, world record holder and a semi-professional football player.

Ant is a car nut, he has been building bespoke cars since he was a kid and after two commendations for bravery, his career as one of the UK’s youngest armed police officers came to an end when he was just 25, and Ant followed his passion into the car world. Ant started building bespoke classic vehicles to individual client specifications and has an international waiting list exceeding two years. Ant creates true works of art and has built an enviable reputation supplying cars and art works to museums, private collections and enthusiasts all around the world.

Fuzz Townhsend

Fuzz is a classic car restorer, mechanic, director of a classic vehicle restoration workshop, an automotive journalist, TV presenter, drummer, music producer and songwriter!
S.O.S. Workshop Ltd has a well-established reputation for high-quality classic car restoration and recommissioning and is also the home of 8 series' of TV show ‘Car S.O.S.’ Fuzz has a passion for all things transport related and as well as his passion for classic cars, he possesses an unhealthily deep knowledge of buses and other forms of public and goods transport!

Fuzz also leads a double life as a drummer for some of the UK’s best loved bands. He has played with The Beat, The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat Itself, Bentley Rhythm Ace, EMF, Fuzzbox, Lovers Electric and many others.

Jimmy de Ville

From childhood, Jimmy’s keen interest in how things worked was driven by frustration when toys broke. Surely, they could be fixed? Finding the solution is what ultimately lead to his love for engineering. He later achieved a Bsc Hons in Product Design and Engineering where he was awarded the Trevor Baylis Award 2000 for Innovation in Design.

As well as working at a London-based SFX house, where he worked on stage shows, music videos, adverts, interactive museum exhibits, feature films as well as factual, magic and live TV shows, Jimmy is also a qualified Class One Small Arms British Army Armourer.
The well known ‘Goblin Works Garage’, his second TV series, was first shown on Quest TV in January 2018, alongside Ant Partridge and Helen Stanley.

Marc Priestley

Marc, or Elvis to anyone who knows him, worked at McLaren Racing as an F1 mechanic and member of the pitstop crew between 1999 and 2009. Originally joining one of Formula One’s most historic and successful teams as part of the test team, he quickly moved up through the ranks onto the race team and spent many years working in various roles with a distinguished list of drivers, including Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.
After some time as an established journalist and broadcaster of F1, Marc now works alongside Mike Brewer in a new series, Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car, restoring client vehicles to eventually by them their dream car.

Danny Hopkins

Danny has spent his life fixing, restoring and writing about classic cars. He has been a part of the Practical Classics Universe for 20 years and edited the magazine for 10 years. He views breaking down as an opportunity to get to know your classic better and meet new friends (AA men usually) and the last time he had clean fingernails was 2011.

Danny drives his classics every day, refuses to commit to an actual number of classics he has owned (he’s lost count really) and develops a nervous twitch if he doesn’t get behind the wheel at least once a day. Petrol for blood, gear oil for brains and no sense of financial restraint when it comes to buying cars. He is a lost cause.  

Mike Coman

An integral part of Gilbert-Michaelson, Mike and the team aims to give collectors and enthusiasts a place to go for specialist skilled body panel work and restorations, from single bespoke panels that cannot be bought through to a complete sympathetic period rebuild.
They believe that your cherished vehicle deserves the best, be that handcrafted panels and body repairs, a whole new body created from scratch, a sympathetic recommissioning or a concourse restoration after storage. They can offer all these services and all to a standard that meets your exact specifications. It offers a high-quality, personal service to all our customers both new and returning.