Skills Zone

FBHVC Skills Zone

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) is bringing a new initiative to the show.

The Skills Zone provides opportunities for enthusiasts to get practical hands-on experience and learn skills and gain knowledge to make the owning of our vehicles more enjoyable.

This is an exciting new chapter for FBHVC who have traditionally we have focused on the strategic side of historic vehicle ownership dealing with legislation, negotiation with government, research and the growing connection between our vehicles and national heritage.
FBHVC Sills Zone


The series of 30-minute sessions will enable groups of visitors to get hands-on experience. Sessions will take place every hour, on the hour with six places available to pre-book and plenty of space for more people to observe and learn.

The lead tutor for most activities is Steve Beaumont, following a successful military career, he is now the Training Director for the Heritage Skills Academy. The tutor for the Tools activity is Griff Roberts, Managing Director of Abingdon King Dick Tools.

Demonstration Areas

The resident trimmer at Bicester Heritage, Harry Fraser Vehicle Upholstery, will show how restorers can achieve perfect results with their own classic. Harry will be bringing a re-trimmed Austin 7 and doing live working enabling visitors to see the process and ask questions.
Specialists Clement & Boggis will be demonstrating the art of ‘wheeling’ which, as many classic car enthusiasts will know, involves the skilled use of an English Wheel to form body panels and repair sections.


Filing and cutting skills
Filing a flat surface or cutting a straight edge off a steel bar. The filing and cutting skills session will help you hone your skills.

Ignition System Checks
Getting the timing right on your classic will transform its performance. This skills session will set you on the right track for improved performance and fuel economy.

Measuring using micrometer and vernier gauges
Measure it and measure it right. We have all forgotten to measure a critical part and discovered our guess was wrong. This session will help you measure accurately every time.

Vehicle appraisal (including evaluation of Jaguar cylinder head)
Whether you need to cast a critical eye over your classic or are thinking of buying a new classic vehicle, this session will give you a guide to what to look for and where to find it.
The correct tools and their correct use
Covering a number of aspects of hand tool types, usage, and applications, from identifying and choosing the right tool for each situation, through to avoiding and preventing problems in use, and also reviewing the purpose and reasons for the varied types of hand tools available.

Preserve or Restore?

A highlight of the area will be this Alvis TC21 recently acquired by the Federation’s Research Director, Paul Chasney.

Visitors will be able to vote for whether the car is preserved or subjected to a restoration and can hear a debate on this interesting subject on the Classic World stage.
Preserve or restore