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Practical Classics magazine
Practical Classics magazine celebrates of the joy of restoring classic cars. Adopting a lighter and more humorous tone than others, Practical Classics magazine injects a sense of fun whilst delivering the team’s expert knowledge.

Every issue features invaluable hands-on practical advice in an easy-to-follow format, meaning you can take advantage of the expert technical advice and tutorials on offer to help you restore your pride and joy.

Plus there’s in-depth buyers guides, news and insightful columnists plus classic car stories including great adventures like our car sagas, readers own restoration stories and informative interviews. It’s also the only publication with its own workshop and its own series of video tutorials at skillshack.co.uk

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Also out now - Practical Classics Classic Road Trips
As well as buying, restoring and maintaining our classic cars, the Practical Classics team also get out there to enjoy the experience of hitting the road in our classics... just like you do. While we share all the sweat and satisfaction of restoration, there's nothing quite like getting out there. In this special publication, we present a number of road trip highlights that we hope we delight and inspire. From a trip to the Sahara in a Jaguar XJ6 to Alpine challenges and rescue missions in the USA, we present a whole range of adventure stories.

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