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Kimber House
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United Kingdom


MGs on Track is a branch of the MG Car Club.  We have a formally elected committee, all of whom are MG enthusiasts who enjoy driving on track. Click here for details of our current committee. Our philosophy is simple - to organise fun, sociable track days where MG enthusiasts can enjoy their cars in safety, with fellow enthusiasts and at the best possible price.
The MG Car Club is a member of the Association of Track Day Organisers (ATDO) which is the organisation that sets general safety standards and provides a code of practice for track days.  All MGs on Track events are therefore run in accordance with the ATDO Code of Practice.
MGs on Track started off as a group of MG enthusiasts who decided to try a bit of self-help.  A few of us had tried the odd track day, but sometimes found the mix of high powered cars on commercial track days a bit daunting.  These events were quite expensive so we couldn't go to as many as we would like and we also found we enjoyed them much more in the company of fellow MG enthusiasts.
In 2002 we formed MGs on Track and our objective was very simple - to get as many MG owners as we could enjoying track days in each others' company for the cheapest possible price!  This philosophy remains and continues to be our primary aim!
The biggest change to date happened in December 2003 when MGs on Track was taken under the wing of the MG Car Club.  This offer made tremendous sense and secured the operational future of MGs on Track.  It gives us access to the Car Club's infrastructure and also means we can benefit from the long standing relationships built up between the Car Club and many of the circuit operators.