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Classic Car Weekly is the number one weekly newspaper for expert buying advice, guides, classic car auction results, road tests, motoring history and nostalgia with inspiring features written by the nation's classic car experts.

It is the only print publication with the very latest news affecting classic car owners including the most up-the-minute classic car events guide and the biggest range of classic cars on sale every week. Classic Car Weekly guides you in your quest to keep up with your classic car maintenance, assisting with restoration projects through its classic car parts for sale section.

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Also out now - Classic Car Weekly Guide to Performance Heroes

Performance Heroes is a 100-page celebration of the nation’s favourite go-faster classics, brought to you to by the team behind Classic Car Weekly. From 1920s Le Mans Bentleys to 1990s sports cars like the Honda S2000 and TVR Tuscan, it’s a look back at the hot hatches, roadsters, saloons and coupés that have hooked generations of British motorists.

Performance Heroes is packed with road tests, buying tips and nostalgia on more than 35 game-changing classics from Ford, Triumph, Porsche, Vauxhall and many more – make sure that you don’t miss out on your copy, out now!

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