Classic Vehicle Clubs

Clubs remain the life and soul of the classic vehicle community, and it is the same for the show. It is club members that work tirelessly to ensure all the fantastic marques are not forgotten and remain on our roads as long as possible, so enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy our motoring heritage. 

The 150+ club stands showcase brilliant vehicles, many of which are worked on live at the show.  Clubs are encouraged to actively work on restoring or servicing vehicles on their stand, so you can see brake systems going under full overhauls, new front wings being fitted, head gaskets replaced and lots more.  The show is a great opportunity to ask the clubs' experts any restoration or service questions you may have.

Applications have now closed for the 2021 Edition

If your club is keen on restoring vehicles and helping others keep your marque on the road, we would still love to hear from you so we can keep you informed when applications open for 2022.  Email
The 2021 club line up will be announced soon.