1,000+ Stunning Classic Cars

Over 1,000 classic cars, will be on display at the show. Ranging from barn finds and live projects to everydat drives and concours-quality, this is the place to go if you want to see something to aim for in your restoration journey and learn a few things.

The show is known for showcasing everything from Austins and Fords, to Porsches' and Ferraris with everything in between. So no matter what corner of the globe you're from, you can most certainly trip down their classic motoring memory lane. 

Some of the incredible cars on display last year included;

  • A Gen II replica, originally seen in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • 1902 James and Browne - only one of two left in the world
  • A 1930 Standard Big 9 Arrow Special that's just as stunning in the 100s of pieces it's been found in as it would be as one
classic car and restoration show club image
classic car and restoration car club
The car clubs that are welcomed to the show are encouraged to provide a display that showcases all elements of the restoration process. thus giving you, the visitor, the best chance to see and learn what goes into getting classic motors back onto the road. giving you the best opportunity to ask thousands of enthusiasts what their experiences are, so you leave your attendance knowing more than when you arrived.
Once you've troubleshooted your tinkering problem, you'll then be able to shop from the 100s of specialist exhibitors and autojumblers who we're sure will get you well on your way to a what-seems-new motor. And if you don't yet own a vehicle to do up, why not visit the auction across the weekend and see what you can pick up. It's the ultimate sale for 'everyman classics' so we're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

This really is your one-stop-shop for everything classic car and restoration.