Carole Nash Barn Find

The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, with Discovery is home to the UK's biggest Barn Find display with around 20 barn finds in various states of rust all bidding for visitors votes to be crowned the winner. 

How do you define ' barn find'? To some, it has to be a vehicle covered in four decades worth of dust but to others, it is a car that has lain dormant for many years. The cars displayed in this year's Carole Nash Barn Find display have been unearthed from garages, sheds, the bottom of peoples gardens hidden by years of weeds. Some have be rescued with the plan on restoring them back to their former glory, while others should be left to 'rust in peace.'

This years display was made up of an extremely rare 1954 Jowett Jupiter Sports, untouched or moved for 40 years, an 80's Range Rover left to rot in the back of a garage and a 1973 Triumph TR6 which has been off the road for 36 years. 

Get your rusty wreck in the competition

If you have a classic lurking in the back of a barn, tucked away in a garage or under a tarpaulin at the bottom of the garden you fancy getting out for the 2019 show, let us know - we want your rusty wreck! Please send two pictures of your car with a brief description including year, make and model and any interesting facts to Spaces are limited so get your application in early. 

About Carole Nash

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