Historic Display At the start of a new decade

SIMCA Club UK has pulled together a great display for the show in March marking three decades the car featured on the UK market; 50s, 60s & 70s.
From ’51 the Aronde went on sale, SIMCA’s first own design and not a rebadged FIAT as SIMCAs had been in the ‘30s & 40s. On the stand, the club will have the very Aronde that featured in the Vietnam War based film Full Metal Jacket (filmed in Bedfordshire) having just been restored.

The dawn of the ‘60s saw one of SIMCAs biggest sellers launched - the rear engine 1000. The 1000 continued well into the ‘70s evolving into the 1000 Rallyes which enjoyed massive success in motorsport. Representing the 1000 range it will have a Rallye 2 racecar, which has raced around Europe at tracks such as Nurburgring, Spa and Hockenheim, a rare-in-the-UK, Bertone coupe based on the 1000 and a superbly-restored 1000 Rallye 1.

The late ‘60s into the ‘70s saw SIMCA go front-wheel drive with the 1100 hatchback, SIMCA’s biggest ever seller.  The club will be featuring two examples; one that was only recently ‘unearthed’ from 8 years in a garage and another, rare 1971 twin carb 1204 Special model, which was found in a garage where it had stood since the late ‘70s and now has been restored completely.

SIMCA Club UK is trying to get an example of the late’ 60s to mid-'70s 1301 saloon so get in touch if you know of any available for the show.

The Peugeot takeover of 1978 saw the SIMCA name disappear with remaining models being rebadged as Talbot.

LIVE WORKING: The members of the club will be centering around the assembly of a SIMCA 1000 engine. A unit that was used in sizes from 944 to 1592cc by SIMCA from ’67 right through to the early ’90s in basic models of the Peugeot 309.