Diverse club to showcase spectacular marques at show

Coleshill Auto Breakfast Meet
The Coleshill Auto Breakfast meet has a great selection of vehicles planned for its stand at the show this year that demonstrate just how diverse a club it is.
On display, there will be a 1930 Model A Tudor Sedan with a twist and a 1981 DeLorean in stock condition without the usual ‘Back to the Future’ regalia. Alongside them will be a young members 1963 C10 Chevy Pickup which he has modified for his generation plus a Series One Land Rover built down the road at Solihull with a great family 'lost and found' story. 

The club is a local car club that’s only been running 2 years this March and we have 1300 members and growing as more join us at our monthly meet at the National Motorcycle Museum. On average around 150 - 200 vehicles meet a month, even in December and January.

Gavin's 1930 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan 6.6ltr Buick ‘Nailhead’ V8.
'Purchased and imported from Texas in early 2018 I have always liked the early style hot rods, this one was bought as a replacement for my previous 1932 Ford Pickup. So far I have refurbished the front and rear axles and suspension. I have started fitting an interior and recently swapped the induction set up. Future plans are to finish the interior, make it quicker and try to make it handle better as it is used for hill climbing and sprints.' 

Sam's 1963 Chevrolet C10 Fleetside 350ci
'I imported this truck from California USA in May 2018. I always wanted a Fleetside as I’d seen them at shows and in the US and once I’d saved enough I found one and bought it. I’ve carried out many mechanical upgrades to the 350 engine and fitted new air suspension for a better modern stance. Period accessories are also an addition and rewiring an ongoing project. Restoration and modifications left to do are mainly on the chassis to get it down even lower and then to install a 383 Stroker engine with a blower or twin-turbo.

Thomas's 1957 Land Rover Series One 88” - Zebedee
'My Dad bought the landrover from a scrapyard in 1986 and restored it in our back garden. He did several RTV trials, Land Rover events and used it as a daily driver until 1991 when it was then sold. We found it again in 2006 in another scrap yard and I bought it back and started to get “Zeb” restored. In 2016/17 it was featured in the Landy magazine and Classic Land Rover Monthly. We also attend many shows and events throughout the year as a family.'
Lee's 1981 DeLorean DMC12, left-hand drive, 3 speed automatic
'I have always wanted a DeLorean since I watched the Back to the Future films in the eighties and now I own one. I bought the car from a guy in Whitehouse Common, he had imported it in 2013 and had only done about 800 miles in it since owning it. It was imported from California, so has come from a dry state. It has covered only 4800 miles from new. Since I bought it in April 2019 I have overhauled the engine, brakes, chassis and steering. There have been a few other problems eg: the fans didn’t work, which I have now fixed. I have also just lowered the front end by 4cm so that it doesn’t have the nose in the air stance. I still have a few things left to do as the power windows don’t work, nor does the radio - but it is an ongoing project for me.'

Don't miss the stand and its members on plot 5-372.