50s and 70s to be represented at the show in March by SIMCA Club UK

50s and 70s by SIMCA Club UK

SIMCA Club UK plans to bring along an array of classics to the show in March, most of which have some interesting collaborations.

SIMCA Club UK (stand 5-662) plan to have three examples of sports models from the ‘50s to the ‘70s based on the normal SIMCA saloons built in conjunction with other coachbuilders/manufacturers, namely Facel, Bertone and MATRA.  

The Oceane convertible from the late 50s was a development of the earlier SIMCA 9 Sport, using the SIMCA Aronde as a base with bodywork by Facel.

The SIMCA 1200S coupe was built on a SIMCA 1000 floorpan by Bertone and this one is an early model from ’67.  The 1200S replaced an earlier 1000 Coupe and was a real sportscar with nearly twice the power of the 1000.  This car appeared at the show some years ago in ‘barn find’ condition.  With its restoration almost complete, the ‘work in progress’ will centre around reassembling interior and trim parts.

The third ‘Sporting SIMCA’ is a newly restored MATRA-SIMCA Bagheera, the revolutionary mid engine 3 seater coupe that used mechanicals from the SIMCA 1100 Ti

To balance the display for the ‘family car’ element it has two cars from the SIMCA 1301 range. One, a ‘72 1301S saloon that our treasurer’s family has owned from new. The other, a 1501 Estate version. At previous shows visitors have often asked about this model, fondly remembering them.  They’ve asked ‘Are there any left?’. The answer is yes and SMICA Club UK is providing TWO.

Also, a mint condition example of the rear engine SIMCA 1000 Saloon, the car the 1200S coupe was based on, lightly modified as per the ‘period’ rally car look.